CXC Subjects vs Skills

We invite you to take a look at the brief video below. Listen to Timothy Antoine, Governor of the ECCB, as he discusses getting a plethora of CXC subjects vs the importance of promoting skills in our school system to meet the demands of a changing Caribbean job market.

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1 thought on “CXC Subjects vs Skills”

  1. Lauren Semper Scott, Ph. D.

    Where to begin? There is validity bin the general statement – we need skills development where skills refers to trades and broader competencies. Yes, education at the broader level needs to be tied to the needs of the country. Our challenge is the rigid belief that there’s is a pecking order for jobs and careers where trades and some new skills/professions ‘doh make de cut’. Is doctor, lawyer, programmer, business person. The education vision should include robust career development and career awareness program influenced by business, industry and regional/global reality. Culturally we need agility re-orientation ourselves. Cannot be lifelong learners if we don’t embrace or encourage lifelong beyond high school ‘subjects’.

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