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COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference

COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference

COP26, which stands for the 26th “Conference of the Parties” is United Nations’ global climate summit.

Our Caricom leaders are meeting other dignitaries in Glasgow, Scotland to share how climate change affects us who are vulnerable in the Caribbean. Our voices must be heard as it is a dire circumstance that we are in. It is of paramount importance that the entire world is fully invested in sustainable development and saving our planet for future generations.

As leaders in our schools and in the classrooms, what are we as educators doing to bring awareness to this crucial issue?
How are we encouraging resolute and innovative thoughts and actions to mitigate climate change amongst our students and future leaders?

Let us know if you address this topic in your classrooms or if you have ideas on how to address it. You can share this post via social media and comment below to share your thoughts. 

You can learn more about the COP26 Conference here:

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