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Principals as the Turning Point

A principal in the 75th percentile of effectiveness yields an increase in student learning in reading and math in about three months. This is done across an entire school.
The findings from How Principals Affect Students and Schools show that the importance of principals may have been understated in earlier research. 
In Principal as the Turning Point, Joanna shed light on three key ideas about the powerful role principals have to create the conditions for educators to learn and collaborate — and generate more equitable student experiences and outcomes.

We invite you to watch (or re-watch) the six-minute talk.


Are you currently a Vice-Principal/Principal or aspiring to be one? A good place to start is first ensuring that you are familiar with what is or will be expected of you. The Job Specifications for the post of Vice-Principal as stated by the Ministry of Education of Trinidad & Tobago can be found here:


COVID-19: An opportunity or crisis for School Leadership?

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Inspiring Leadership

What is inspiring leadership? Why is it important? How do you achieve it? Find the answers in this presentation.

Acheving Organizational Excellence

Here are some useful tips to help your school achieve organizational excellence.