Caribbean Visionary Educators

Caribbean Visionary Educators

To be the leading provider of indigenous Caribbean educational resources.

The mission of CVE is to create and share Caribbean focused knowledge, educational resources, and research for educators and learners globally through interactive, multimodal platforms facilitated by practitioners.

Meet the CVE Team

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Caribbean Visionary Educators (CVE) was established in 2019 by a team of professional educators working at various levels of the education sector in Trinidad and Tobago. CVE is a professional learning community tasked with educational development through the creation, sharing and discourse of indigenous Caribbean-focused educational resources and services to support educators and learners globally. We use interactive, multi-modal platforms to promote innovation, research and collaboration, as we build a body of work by practitioners for practitioners. CVE is committed to helping educators to enhance their roles by providing an independent forum for stakeholder voices, idea sharing and support on issues in the teaching and learning environment. CVE is built on the following core values: Caribbean focused, Collaborative, Creative and innovative, lifelong learning, inclusive and respect.