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Guide your students to be contributing citizens of the Caribbean and world at large. See what strategies Deans like you are employing.


Are you currently a Dean or aspiring to be one? A good place to start is first ensuring that you are familiar with what is or will be expected of you.  The Job Specifications for the post of Dean as stated by the Ministry of Education of Trinidad & Tobago can be found here:


Dean of Discipline already making impact

Misbehavior in the classroom and students not following teachers’ directives. Does that sound familiar? Take note of how Memorial High School’s Dean of Discipline makes an impact on the school. 

Coronavirus | Dealing with anxiety & mental health during a pandemic

Taking care of the mind is always important, but doing so in the midst of a pandemic can be tricky. So watch this video for some tips and techniques to help get you and those under your care through your day.