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3 thoughts on “World Education Day”

  1. I love this!!! I am an educator at the tertiary level. I for one have found that the reality is that all students, regardless of level expect and require the same things from teachers. Some ways in which I have transformed my teaching and learning space to prepare my students to take charge of their future and their world, are as follows:
    1. I have made my teaching sessions more reflective
    2. As far as possible I have engaged in more authentic assessments
    3. I give students more autonomy in terms of decision making with regard to assignment submission dates
    4. I use more technology to allow students to be creative in doing their activities
    5. I do more activity led learning
    6. I design instruction that challenges students to be innovative. For example, I ask them to come up with solutions to solve real problems. They research they problem, come up with solutions, create prototypes of their solutions and test them.
    7. I model the empathy and compassion that I want them to show their students

  2. This is so important for us as educators to discuss. I teach at the secondary school level and some of the ways I have transformed my practice is to:
    1) Incorporate more opportunities for cooperative learning so that students can share their ideas and learn from each other
    2) Increased the time I spend getting to know my students so that I can truly understand their needs to keep them motivated and encourage them to take ownership of their learning
    3) Implement more activity based learning
    4) I give students more choice in terms of assignments, for example, through choice boards where students have a variety of options to choose from to complete an assignment. This was a helpful tip I gained from 21st Century Educators.
    5) I use more games in teaching to increase student engagement and motivation

  3. Ayanna Charles-Ford

    I am in total agreement that the future is upon us, as a result there is no going back. As a Secondary School teacher I have become the encourager of my students in more ways than one. The stark reality is that my voice may be the only one they hear telling them “they can achieve”.
    I have changed course with:
    1. More activities / project based learning and games.
    2. Increased student involvement by way of their suggestions on what can be done differently.
    3. Improved communication and provision of updates on student progress to parents/guardians.
    4. Constant encouragement to enable students to keep focused.

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