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Teaching is a Work of Heart!

Teaching is a Work of Heart!

World Heart Day will be observed on September 29th 2021 and we at the Caribbean Visionary Educators recognize that while having a healthy heart is crucial to how we operate as teachers, having a heart and expressing the emotions of the heart to our students is fundamental to their educational experience being a positive, successful and life-changing one.

Our focus for heart week goes beyond the health of the heart. Let’s show our students that we care!

Let’s not lose our human touch.  Teaching virtually can have such an effect on students. It’s up to us teachers to convey that we care notwithstanding our virtual classrooms.

Check out this video using the link below for tips on having a heart in the online classroom.

How To Foster Kindness During Distance Learning:

2 thoughts on “Teaching is a Work of Heart!”

  1. The video reminds us of simple things that we can do to connect with our students- simple, practical and from the heart things… It’s worth the click!!

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