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Sapotee Soil – A Call to Memory by Joanne Haynes

Sapotee Soil – A Call to Memory by Joanne Haynes

‘Come with me, on a Journey of Possibility, as we travel the Sapotee Soil’

Winner of the Derek Walcott Literature Prize.

Cover and Illustrations by Ka’en Haynes.

Modernizing legends and legendizing history, this collection of stories and essays reminds and connects with the universal appeal of thrill, humor and inspiration.

Sapotee Soil is the first work to showcase my philosophy on education titled ‘Legendize’ Connecting through Imagination, Memory and Awareness. Caribbean people, like other once-colonized people, have not been taught to accept our voices; we have not been encouraged to see our voices as important, valuable; instead we have been taught that our voices should be quieted and we should know instead, the master’s voice. Yet people are resilient…they will tell their stories and lift their voices in their songs, their dances, their stories, their food, their traditions. Legends were forged by people everywhere as a powerful defense against colonization.

To view the adaptation of story to film and for more information on Sapotee Soil visit:

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