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Educating for Development – by Dr. Vanus James

Educating for Development – by Dr. Vanus James

Self-sustaining growth of T&T (and any other Caribbean economy) requires economic restructuring and a growing capacity to compete. This can be achieved by pivoting towards the domestic industries that produce and make intensive use of knowledge, skills, and favourable worker attitudes. Targets are education, healthcare, the creative industries, sports, and an industrialised tourism. The current education system is not fit for this purpose. It needs to be updated.

There are four imperatives:

  1. Rebalancing and reconfiguration to underwrite a growing capacity to compete through piecewise continuous technical and institutional innovation.

  2. Relevant curricula and pedagogies to produce a self-confident graduate equipped to understand and implement the modern competitive strategy.

  3. Measures to address the negative effects of historical inequality and poverty on school quality and learning outcomes.

  4. Development of a strong and competitive export dimension at the tertiary level.

If you would like to learn more about these imperatives, read the entire document HERE. Enjoy!

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