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Dear Educator, Know Your Worth!

Dear Educator, Know Your Worth!

You provide knowledge, wisdom and inspiration and the value of that is simply… priceless!

Teaching is a tough job. It can be immensely rewarding but also physically and emotionally draining. Safeguarding and mental health issues can be intense and complex. Children’s behavioural and emotional problems are increasing. Many schools recognize this and provide support for their staff. – Professor Peter Fonagy, CEO of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Find out more about how you can know your worth:

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4 thoughts on “Dear Educator, Know Your Worth!”

  1. This post is so timely given what educators across the world are facing. It really reasonated with me. I agree that often times as educators, we are busy taking take of others and we neglect ourselves. It is time we cherish ourselves and invest in self-care as we cannot help others if we do not help ourselves. Thank you CVE for this wonderful reminder of the importance of educators and the need for us to take care of ourselves. I love this message!

  2. Dianne Abel-Jeffrey

    A very encouraging post. Teachers are indeed very invaluable and often times just need to be reminded to recognize their worth. Teachers also need to be reminded to take care of themselves as they usually take care of others and neglect their well-being. These bits of advice are very timely especially in this time of even higher expectations and greater demands on educators.

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