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A Mother’s Advice To Her Child – Martisha Ramjit

A Mother’s Advice To Her Child – Martisha Ramjit

Today the CVE is delighted to highlight another local author by the name of Martisha Ramjit.

Book’s Title: A Mother’s Advice To Her Child

Target: Early Childhood Education

The Book “A Mother’s Advice To Her Child” is an interactive tool that can be used by teachers and parents to open and conduct discussions on a range of formative topics necessary for holistic early childhood development. Issues such as peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem, confidence, gratefulness, self-acceptance, honesty, temptation, fair treatment of others and emotions are encapsulated in the childlike scenarios that the main character, Maya, relays to her readers in a fun and exciting way.

Children will be able to relate to the stories told and there are questions that Maya asks her young readers at the end of each story that engages their minds. The advice that her mother gives can be used or further developed by teachers and parents. The illustrations and characters are colourful and Caribbean. This book is a resource that can be used to assist in developing character in young children which will positively impact our school environment, our communities and ultimately our country.

In a recent address on Education Transformation, Dr. Freddy James, Education Specialist, drew an analogy between Education Transformation and good farming practices. From seed to produce, she highlighted that transformation needs to unlock value. The outcome being to grow our children into productive and functional global citizens. This book will assist with improving the quality of the seed (our children) as they enter our educational institutions which is the bedrock to growing good produce.

The author, Martisha Ramjit, is the mother of three daughters whom she wrote this book for. The two eldest are National Scholarship recipients and the principles of this book are the foundation to their successes. She was recently honoured by the National Library and Information Systems Authority (NALIS) for publication of this book in recognition of World Book and Copyright Day 2020.

Hardcopies and e-books are available on and Barnes and Noble. Copies can also be purchased from Maranatha Book Store on Ruth Avenue, San Fernando and from the author at

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